First year

I have had the blessing of watching this little one grow this last year. She is just the sweetest little blessing for her mama and daddy. We had a nice warm day and a field full of grass for her first year session. You can’t ask for more than that. Milena Blog (1 of 16)Milena Blog (2 of 16)Milena Blog (3 of 16)Milena Blog (4 of 16)Milena Blog (5 of 16)Milena Blog (6 of 16)Milena Blog (7 of 16)Milena Blog (8 of 16)Milena Blog (9 of 16)Milena Blog (10 of 16)Milena Blog (11 of 16)Milena Blog (12 of 16)Milena Blog (13 of 16)Milena Blog (14 of 16)Milena Blog (15 of 16)Milena Blog (16 of 16)

Little boys

God didn’t give me a little boy of my own but He has surrounded me with the most amazing little boys. Little boys that teach me about super heroes, matchbox cars, fighting, and the art of playing in the dirt with the intent of getting covered from head to toe. I was in the middle of his sisters one year session, which will be coming to the blog soon, and I just had to get shots of this boy and his suspenders playing with rocks and exploring. Maximus BLOG (8 of 9)Maximus BLOG (2 of 2)Maximus BLOG (1 of 2)Maximus BLOG (7 of 9)Maximus BLOG (6 of 9)Maximus BLOG (1 of 9)Maximus BLOG (2 of 9)Maximus BLOG (3 of 9)Maximus BLOG (5 of 9)Maximus BLOG (9 of 9)

The Smiths

This session was on the most beautiful fall day. One of those days where you just want to be outside enjoying God’s creation at its best. This family is made up of some of my favorite people on this Earth. Stephanie is such an example of a quiet and strong spirit. Her children absolutely adore her and it showed through the images that I captured. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to once again capture this season in their lives. smith-family-2016-2-of-124smith-family-2016-14-of-124smith-family-2016-19-of-124smith-family-2016-25-of-124smith-family-2016-33-of-124smith-family-2016-35-of-124smith-family-2016-41-of-124smith-family-2016-43-of-124smith-family-2016-50-of-124smith-family-2016-60-of-124smith-family-2016-70-of-124smith-family-2016-74-of-124smith-family-2016-75-of-124smith-family-2016-84-of-124smith-family-2016-86-of-124smith-family-2016-97-of-124smith-family-2016-102-of-124smith-family-2016-105-of-124smith-family-2016-118-of-124smith-family-2016-119-of-124

The Wranghams

Its that time of the year when I get all the beautiful babies in front of my camera surrounded by the beauty of fall. This family is dear to my heart. You pray as a mama that your little ones will find friends that encourage, strengthen, and protect your little ones heart. Sweet Emma does that for my Gracie. Luckily for me her mama is just as sweet. I have had the priviledge of watching Sarah grow closer to God over the last few years. I am encouraged by her commitment to be a Godly wife, mom, and friend. Our session was a favorite of mine. wrangham-family-2016-10-of-95wrangham-family-2016-12-of-95wrangham-family-2016-20-of-95wrangham-family-2016-22-of-95wrangham-family-2016-25-of-95wrangham-family-2016-40-of-95wrangham-family-2016-43-of-95wrangham-family-2016-46-of-95wrangham-family-2016-48-of-95wrangham-family-2016-52-of-95wrangham-family-2016-57-of-95wrangham-family-2016-60-of-95wrangham-family-2016-63-of-95wrangham-family-2016-70-of-95wrangham-family-2016-73-of-95wrangham-family-2016-77-of-95wrangham-family-2016-92-of-95wrangham-family-2016-93-of-95

Milena 6 months

These sweet babies have a special place in my heart. Their mama has been one of my dearest friends over half my life. She is the most amazing and gracious friend, wife, and mother. She has three under four and does it like no one else I have ever seen. We had a nice warm afternoon and decided to get her little ones in front of the camera. milena-6-month-57-of-30milena-6-month-58-of-30milena-6-month-60-of-30milena-6-month-65-of-30milena-6-month-66-of-30milena-6-month-68-of-30milena-6-month-70-of-30milena-6-month-75-of-30milena-6-month-78-of-30milena-6-month-79-of-30

My heart

Being a mother has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. Every season brings its own challenges and joys. They have taught me how to love unconditionally, how to give of myself in ways I never thought possible, how hard I could pray for someones eternal life and mission, and how to love their daddy. Their love for Jesus blows me away. They have an undying love for our Father. I pray for them to stay strong in their faith. The world needs our little ones to spread His love. ava-and-grace-fall-2016-5-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-12-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-14-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-18-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-22-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-27-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-28-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-30-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-33-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-42-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-47-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-51-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-56-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-71-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-76-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-79-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-81-of-90ava-and-grace-fall-2016-87-of-90

Aaron and Victoria

This wedding was a dream for me. I have never met a couple that is so intentional about their love and respect for God and each other. My favorite parts of the day was when the two of them were together. Just being together. Aaron and Victoria I wish you two a lifetime of honoring God together. He has big plans for you.  aaron-and-victoria-wedding-1-of-13aaron-and-victoria-wedding-15-of-39aaron-and-victoria-wedding-16-of-39aaron-and-victoria-wedding-23-of-39aaron-and-victoria-wedding-39-of-39aaron-and-victoria-wedding-48-of-39aaron-and-victoria-wedding-49-of-39aaron-and-victoria-wedding-66-of-50aaron-and-victoria-wedding-68-of-50aaron-and-victoria-wedding-71-of-50aaron-and-victoria-wedding-78-of-50aaron-and-victoria-wedding-126-of-20aaron-and-victoria-wedding-116-of-20aaron-and-victoria-wedding-118-of-20aaron-and-victoria-wedding-125-of-20aaron-and-victoria-wedding-1-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-4-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-6-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-14-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-18-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-80-of-57aaron-and-victoria-wedding-139-of-111aaron-and-victoria-wedding-141-of-111aaron-and-victoria-wedding-9-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-11-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-73-of-57aaron-and-victoria-wedding-129-of-111aaron-and-victoria-wedding-133-of-111aaron-and-victoria-wedding-53-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-56-of-56aaron-and-victoria-wedding-55-of-56